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    I am a hacker

    This site made entirely in Notepad

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    Hacking Tools

    Raw Text Editing Using Notepad

    If you noticed so far, all of these programs are pretty lightweight. Hackers must use tools that are readily available at all times, and leave a light memory footprint. We've covered remote connection with Microsoft's Telnet, stealing IP addresses with Ping, and general hacking with the best hacking program available, Sub7. But what if you need to manipulate something on a system that you hack into? Or if you need to program a virus? Are you going to use something as big as Word?

    That is an acceptable way to do it, but if you want to do it fast, Windows Notepad is the way to go. Along with most hacking tools, Microsoft Windows XP also incorporates Notepad as their basic text editor. It's available on just about any Windows system, and is more than enough for general file manipulation. The best thing about Notepad is that you can program ANYTHING with it. This entire site's HTML programming was written in Notepad. This might be hard to believe, but it is true.

    Using Notepad

    By now you should know what a text editor is and what it does. Notepad is not only small, but extremely fast. Using the keyboard you can perform daunting tasks in half a second. These are called key combinations, and hackers use them with different programs. Using the keyboard, you can perform some of these actions:

    Going Further with Notepad

    This is just a basic overview of what notepad is capable of. You are able to edit any file or program, code a virus into it, steal things from it, and so on. For more in-depth information, see the official site,, for file formats, installation, and other useful information.