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    Hacking Tools

    IP Addresses (Internet Protocols) and how to steal them

    IP stands for Internet Protocols. An IP address is the address for servers and a person's computer who is connected to the internet. Everyone on the internet has an IP address, and once you find out what it is, you know exactly where they are, and you can begin to hack them.

    Internet Protocols Addresses are usually made up of random numbers seperated by dots. Every IP address is unique, no one can have the same one. This is why it is very important that you're careful when typing, you do NOT want to accidentally hack the wrong person/network.


    Obtaining a target's IP is address is the first step to prepare for an attack. Explained below are methods of obtaining a victim's IP address.

    Ping - the easiest way to steal an IP

    Ping is a tool used to endlessly make requests to a server or another person. It works with both IP address or domain names. Domain names are the addresses that you type in to go to a website. Domain names are easier to remember, which is why the internet was invented.

    Either way, by pinging a site, you can easily over-load it with requests, and at the same time obtain the IP. Ping is supported in Microsoft DOS, as shown below:

    As you see, the hacker here is using Windows XP (a good choice), and in order to get the IP of, the only thing he had to do was open up a DOS prompt and type in ping Upon doing so, was instantly hit with 4 requests which distracted their server long enough in order for Ping to steal the IP address.